"What is happening in Hollywood that a guy will be on a street waving a gun screaming, they are trying to kill me!"


Next stand-up comedian i would like to write about is Dave Chapelle.

Chapelle was born August 24, 1973 (hes 39 years old).
He was born in Washington D.C 

Prehistory :

Chappelle grew up in Silver spring, Maryland and attended Woodlin Elementary School. During young Chappelle's formative years, his comic inspiration came from various comedians, particularly Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.

After his parents separated, Chappelle stayed in Washington with his mother while spending summers with his father in Ohio. In 1991, he graduated from Washington's Duke Ellington School of the Arts where he studied theatre arts.

Chappelle moved to New York City to pursue a career as a comedian. He gathered the courage to perform at

Harlem's famed Apollo Theater in front of the infamous "Amateur Night" audience. The performance resulted in

him being booed off the stage. Chappelle has described the experience as the moment that gave him the courage

to continue his show business aspirations. He quickly made a name for himself on the New York comedy circuit,

even performing in the city's parks.


In 2003, Chappelle debuted his own weekly sketch comedy show on Comedy Central called Chappelle's Show.

The show parodied many aspects of American culture including racial stereotypes, politics and pop culture. Along

with comedy skits, the show also featured musical performances by mostly hip-hop and soul artists.

Due to the show's popularity, Comedy Central's parent company Viacom reportedly offered Chappelle a $55

million contract (giving Chappelle a share of DVD sales) to continue production of Chappelle's Show for two more

years while allowing him to do side projects. Chappelle had stated that sketches are not his favorite form of

comedy, and that the characteristics of the show's format were somewhat like short films.


In a June 2004 stand-up performance in Sacramento, California, Chappelle walked off the stage after berating his

audience for constantly shouting "I'm Rick James, bitch!," which became a catchphrase from the popular "Rick

James" sketch. After a few minutes, Chappelle returned and continued by saying, "The show is ruining my life." He

stated that he disliked working "20 hours a day" and that the popularity of the show was making it difficult for him to

continue his stand-up career, which was "the most important thing" to him.

He also told the audience:

You know why my show is good? Because the network officials say you're not smart enough to get what I'm doing, and every day I fight for you. I tell them how smart you are. Turns out, I was wrong. You people are stupid.

(what does he mean with that? I bet most of the people takes this as an insult, that's how most people are nowadays, it's not about thinking about the message but to get angry and don't think/do something about it instead.)



Season 3 was scheduled to air on May 31, 2005, but in that month, Chappelle stunned fans and the entertainment

industry when he abruptly left during production of the third season of Chappelle's Show and took a trip to South

Africa. Chappelle has since stated that he was unhappy with the direction the show had taken.


Coming here I don't have the distractions of fame. It quiets the ego down. I'm interested in the kind of person I've

got to become. I want to be well rounded and the industry is a place of extremes. I want to be well balanced. I've

got to check my intentions, man.



He was interviewed for Inside the Actors Studio on December 18, 2005 at Pace University's Michael Schimmel

Center for the Arts. The show premiered on February 12, 2006. Chappelle stated that the death of his father in

1998 had an impact on his decision to go to South Africa. By throwing himself into his work, he had not taken a

chance to mourn his father's death. He also said the rumors that he was in drug or psychiatric treatment only

persuaded him to stay in South Africa.

He continued: 

I would go to work on the show and I felt awful every day, that's not the way it was. ... I felt like some kind of prostitute or something. If I feel so bad, why keep on showing up to this place? I'm going to Africa. The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching.

After he came back from africa, the first thing he did was to be on the show called Oprah. 
If you would like to check it out, just go on youtube and search on david chappelle oprah, something like that.

Let me remind you, those words he says is made up so it sound funny, but it is actually true.
Like when he told about when he got a phone call from Obama. You should check that out too.

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